Platformer Flash Game Prototype

The latest version for the platformer engine is: 15.09.2010 #3

> arrows left/right to move
> arrow up to jump

This is a platforming game engine built with Flash Action Script 3 that I've been working a while ago to learn object oriented programming. There's nothing more instructional than getting a collision system up and running yourself (which reminds me I still have some issues on that side).

I've found that Action Script is a great language to get into programming with since you can get things moving on the screen very quickly and hence keep your motivation high. Also the community is vibrant and there are a some great books to get you started.

About the current engine version:
> Has menu support
> Has multiple level support using Flash itself as editor
> Supports interactive objects and enemies

At the moment the project is on hold but I might just finish a simple game with it at some point.

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